Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Challenge for Scrap Divas!!

Here is a page of Jared that i did for a challenge for a group i am in over on CM. i thought it turned out pretty good...

Cards that i have made...

here are some cards that i made. i forgot to take a picture of my J card but i will and post turned out cute too...

here is a spider with a top hat and tap shoes lol
this one could be used for xmas like it is now or use different colors and use as bday card.
a cute xmas card...holly
a bday card. i love this one. it turned out cute.
and another bday one? or even a invite if you wanted.
and another of my favorite...a gingerbread man!!!

My First Page Title...

I am currently working on a swap over in cm about summer and I signed up for page titles thinking how hard can it be? yeah i was wrong. lots to cut out and each group i signed up for i have to make 20 of them. So my poor cricut is getting a work out again...and last night when i was working on the first ones i messed up and put the Y's in the sticker maker wrong lol...silly me. Here is what i am currently working on...i think i am going to do the one with the more shells but thought i would just post both.
what do you think? I think i am going to use the first one but the other one isnt bad either.